Roy Cellars

This wine cellar was completed in November 2022, in Virginia.  The cellar has individual bottle storage of 450 bottles, plus an additional capability to store numerous cases of wines on the shelves and on top of the wine racks.  The columns are made of real limestone and the floor is travertine tiles.  A beam exists across the center of the cellar between two columns.  A custom designed arch is the feature on the back wall.  Another wall contains individual label display on stainless steel pins to feature the very best wines of the cellar.  All shelves are granite, including the top on the wine barrel that serves as a tasting area.  A custom cabinet also features two wine glass racks and shelves to hold decanters and wine glass tumblers. The cellar door is custom made from 100 year old hickory timbers, and a speakeasy was included in the arch door. 

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